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PCSoftware4U.com does not collect any information from our site visitors. We do not request any personal information such as e-mail addresses nor any other information that might be captured in a form. We do use standard web site logging software that captures the referral from a previous web site. This is used solely for analysis of which web sites send us traffic.

This site does not use cookies to collect any information. Various advertising partners we use may place cookies on your computer for a variety or purposes. For example, clicking any amazon.com link will place a cookie on your computer to identify our site as the referrer to theirs so they can assign any commissions earned to our associates account. Our site does not query or use these advertising cookies in any way. Erasing or disabling your computer's cookies will not affect your use of our site in any way.

One of our advertising partners is Google's AdSense program. Google also places cookies on your computer to track information about clicks on its ads that are generated from this site. Again, erasing or disabling cookies does not affect your use of this site. These Google ads are served automatically from Google and we do not control which ads are displayed on our site. Therefore, we can't vouch for the authenticity or behavior of any link which is presented in one of these ads.

This site is an amazon associate site. Clicking any amazon link will open a window and transfer you to amazon.com. Any orders placed at amazon.com will be the sole responsibility of amazon.com. We are not given any information from amazon.com that identifies any of our visitors that might place an order on their site. Any problems with an order placed at amazon.com should be directed to amazon.com's customer support. We cannot assist in any way.

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Please address any questions or concerns to: webmaster@pcsoftware4u.com.

If you discover any obvious errors on our site, we sure would appreciate any information about it so we can correct it as soon as possible.

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